'It's costing me €20,000 to reopen my pub,' says publican

Dylan White


Dylan White



'It's costing me €20,000 to reopen my pub,' says Tipperary man

Frank Spillane with fellow publican John Crosse at the Kickham House, Tipperary Town

A Tipperary publican says reopening his premises on September 21 will cost €20,000 not including stock.

Frank Spillane of the Kickham House in Tipperary Town says every pub will have unique difficulties implementing the draft guidelines for non food pubs. 

“No pub is the same. I’ll be reopening and I’ll be running the place properly. I’ve spent a thousand euro alone on outside seating and tables. We have a lot of preparation put in and we hope it goes well. I’m looking forward to opening back up with my long-serving staff,” he says.

Frank says people will be delighted to get back into the pubs. "I would be hoping that if we get some nice weather, we could play music outside in the evenings,” he says.

Adamant that non food pubs should have been reopened sooner, he says gardaí should have been given the power to close pubs that break Covid-19 public health guidelines from the get-go. “There are pubs open who are operating from the Indian or Chinese takeaway next door and they are putting up this cocked up menu," he says.

Frank fears that pubs won’t reopen if Covid-19 cases rise between now and September 21. He also says the pub sector was underappreciated prior to the lockdown, suggesting that many pubs have pulled their last pints. “The pub business is a tough game and there's going to be less and less of it going forward,” he adds.