REVEALED: Christmas preparations well underway for 70% of Irish parents





As the country adapts to Level 3 in the plan for Living with Covid, a survey has revealed that 8 in 10 parents are being more organised when it comes to Christmas preparations for this year.

The survey conducted by online baby and children's clothing brand with over 1,000 parents the week before the NPHET recommendations to move to Level-5 of the government's plan for living with Covid-19, revealed that almost half of parents (48%) had already started shopping for Christmas. 

However, when the same survey was re-run this week after the move to Level-5 became a consideration for government, the results jumped dramatically with 70% of parents not taking any chances and now actively shopping for Christmas.

"Parents have no choice but to be more organised this year when it comes to their Christmas shopping. The evolving Covid restrictions have the potential to hamper our ability to source the gifts we want in-store, while there is a very real fear that popular products will sell out quickly and not be restocked in time for Christmas,” commented co-founder of, Vicky O’Callaghan, on the survey results.

“Added to that is the fact that people's financial security is at risk so parents want to make sure that they look after their children's Christmas gifts first as they budget for all of their spending needs."

"Our biggest sellers include our themed bibs for baby's first Christmas and our festive pyjamas worn for the Toy Show and Christmas Eve. Over the last two weeks, we have been inundated with requests by our customers to launch our seasonal range early this year so that they can tick off a few items from their Christmas list. We always launch our Christmas product line on the 1st November, however with the way Covid-19 infection numbers are going we are now considering a change in plan for this year."

"In our six years of business, I can honestly say we have never sold our children's organic cotton clothing range themed for Halloween, Holy Communion and Christmas all in the same day. The year 2020 is certainly a year like no other. We are extremely grateful to all of our loyal customers who continue to shop local and support an Irish brand, and to all of the new customers we have gained due to the pandemic as parents move to buy more online."