Online auction from Sean Eacrett featuring fine art, antiques and collectibles

Online auction from Sean Eacrett featuring fine art, antiques and collectibles

Online is the norm now for auctions and Sean Eacrett is a classic example of how auctioneers have pivoted over the last year.

A massive collection of fine art, antiques and collectibles will be available to bid online on March 26 and 27 next.

Fine Art

Hailing from a collector in Portarlington, the fine art has good provenance from the artists themselves.

Pick of the bunch is probably a Norman Teeling of College Green, Lot 1599 60 x 50 cms est €800-1200.

The lots include ten signed Con Campbells including lot 1134 A Hare est €300 - €500 average for each, all directly from the artist.

Also featuring are ten fine oils by Ivan Sutton. €800 - €1200 each, a large Gerrard Marjoram Lot 1121 est €600 - €1000 and a charming Desmond Snee, of hounds in a kennel. Est 1000 - 2000.

Antiques auction

Contents of five houses featuring hundreds of antiques, including up to 40 wool carpets, 30 mirrors, furniture from an 18th c up to the present day including a provincial hall chair Lot 1875 est €60-€70 could make a lot more.

This massive auction is a treasure trove for antiques hunters, with highlights including an 18th century padfoot mahogany dropleaf table lot 1875 est €400-€600.

Collectors auction

A treasure trove of comics, movie posters, stamps, toys and film props of vintage style awaits.

Perfect for the lockdown laptop philatelist and comic speculator.

For those who enjoyed ‘The Beano’ or ‘Judge Dredd’ in student houseshares, it is now intriguing to see such terrific examples of graphic art turn up and sought after in auction houses.

Many of them have found their way to for his March 26 and 27 online only auction. (

Dennis The Menace, Gnasher and Billy Whiz, all heroes of the pages of ‘The Beano’ are available for budding fans here in a series of collections.

Lots 190 – 194, featuring the full series of ‘Beano’ comics from 1978, 1979 and 1982.

Their appeal is enduring as exemplified by later Beano series from the 2000s, featuring in lots 198 to 290.

The Beano lots are estimated by Sean Eacrett at €40-€80.

The auction also features numbers of ‘The Hotspur’, something of a boy’s own favourite, featured Dozy Danny and Johnny Jett, it was published from 1959 to 1981.

The 1965 series of The Hotspur (lot 293) and the 1970 series (lot 291) are sure to attract many bids.

And for frustrated football dreamers, the auction includes 60 copies of the classic Roy Of The Rovers, of Melchester Rovers from the years 1970 – 1990, all available in lot 390.

For those who were students in the 1980s, the comics of Judge Dredd were a staple of the male bedsit.

The same students, now more likely to be aficionados of the Antiques Roadshow can flex their fingers and bid for some gems via their keyboards.

Lots 191 to 197 feature series of Judge Dredd comics from 1987 to 1990, estimated at €60 to €80 per series.

The standout lot 400, has 64 Judge Dredd 2000 AD issues from 1980 and 1981 estimated at €60-100, lot 415 and 462, Judge Dredd 2000 Ad 1984 and 1985 €60-€100.

And not least lot 464, featuring 52 episodes of Judge Dredd 2000 AD 1986 including Issue 500. These may well be snapped up by a collector.

A selection of collectors favourite toy cars should attract interest; the provinance is good as they came from a third generation hardware shop and are in good condition.

Lot 86 features a number of (crucially) boxed corgi cars, lot 90, boxed matchbox and dinky cars and lot 88, French majorette boxed dinky cars. Extimate of each lot is €50 - €80.

Also of interest could be vintage Meccano, Moto Trix and Scientifix all boxed in lot 87.


For the professional or indeed amateur philatelist, this auction could be a goldmine.

Thousands of international and vintage stamps are included in hundreds of books from a retiring collector, are also going up for auction on March 26 and 27.

Each book contains 16 or so pages of stamps in perfect condition, from late nineteenth century to the present day.

Lots 475 to 491 inclusive include thousands of international stamps; south American, African, Middle Eastern, Asian and European stamps estimated at €120- 150.

And even the home side features with lot 499 featuring mint Irish stamps est €120-€180.

Sean Eacrett has hosted auctions for a number of film sets including Into The Badlands, The Vikings and Penny Dreadful.

The March 26 and 27 auction includes a large range of vintage style film costumes, purses, hat boxes, boots and millinery (lots 526 to 574), and an attractive range of film prop cameras (lots 511,517, 521 est €50-€80), vintage phones (lots 590, 591) and radios (589).

You cannot have movies without their ads and fans of movie posters should pay serious attention to this auction.

Sean has no less than 313 lots containing at least five film posters each, estimated at €50-€80 a bunch.

Irish film fans could definitely find some gems.

The collection includes the posters for lot 1; ‘I Went Down’ directed by Paddy Breathnach and starring Brendan Gleeson, lot 142; Neil Jordan’s ‘Breakfast On Pluto’ starring Cillian Muphy, and lot 446; ‘The Crying Game’, Jordan’s Oscar winning masterpiece.

Finally, this pandemic lockdown must-have is a bicycle and Sean Eacrett’s March 26 and 27 auction is just the pace for a potential peddler.

Lots 161 - 179 features a wide range of bicycles estimated from €50-200 with many in good condition as they came to him from a shop that was sadly closing down.

Auction: Online only at

Date: March 26 and 27, from 10am