Fianna Fáil has ‘some neck’ says Flanagan

Fianna Fáil has ‘some neck’ in their response to the bail-out exit according to Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan.

Fianna Fáil has ‘some neck’ in their response to the bail-out exit according to Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan.

However, Sean Fleming of FF has hit back at Dep Flangan’s attack saying the Government must tackle unemployment and youth emigration from Laois.

Dep Flanagan described comments by the FF Finance Spokesperson, Michael McGrath, following An Taoiseach’s address to the nation, as plain wrong and a vain attempt to twist the Taoiseach’s words in order to deflect from the progress the Government is making on the jobs front.

“Deputy McGrath’s comments in respect of the Government’s plans to reduce the unemployment figures into the future are a pathetic attempt to steer the public away from the fact that there are 58,000 more people at work this year compared to the same time last year.

“It is beyond galling to listen to a representative from the Party that presided over the collapse of our economy,.. twisting An Taoiseach’s words in this way as his Party struggles to airbrush their responsibility for our woes out of history and make themselves relevant to the Irish electorate.

He said that “hard work and determination” has moved the country from losing 1,600 jobs a week under FF to creating 1,200 new jobs every week.

“When the property bubble burst and our economy went down the tubes, the consequences for hundreds of thousands of people were devastating.

“FF has some neck attempting to twist things to deflect from the progress the Government, the people and the country are making, but I expect the fact that we have exited the bailout and are moving in the right direction is causing the Party a considerable level of disquiet and aggravation,” he said.

In reply Sean Fleming welcomed the exit from the bail-out and praise the public for enduring difficulties but said problems must be solved.

“The Government must deal with the key issues under their own control ie youth unemployment, mortgage arears and lack of lending. Rather than forcing hundreds of Laois people to emigrate they should be doing something about these issues,” he said.