Shock at reports of students holding 'virus parties' as 39 new cases of coronavirus confirmed

Also anecdotal evidence that social distancing not being observed in pubs and restaurants

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Shock at reports of students holding 'virus parties' as 39 new cases of coronavirus confirmed

Leading medical figures are pleading with young people to adhere to advice on social distancing.

Leading medical figures have spoke of their shock at reports of students holding 'virus parties' in the wake of stricter controls announced on Thursday, March 12.

The controls which included the closure of all schools, universities and creches, were introduced in a bid to contain the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus).

So called 'Virus Parties' are being reported in Cork, Galway, Dublin, Water and Limerick.

Professor of experimental immunology at Trinity College has expressed his shock in an Irish Independent article, calling this "completely irresponsible behaviour"  and noting "it's selfish behaviour".

Studies have shown that young people are unlikely to get sick from the virus, but they could act as vectors, unwittingly passing it on to older or more vulnerable members of their family and community.

Professor John Crown also added his voice to condemnation over this kind of behaviour noting on social media "I am not sure people will understand the importance - the necessity -of extreme social distancing until pub hours are curtailed and numbers allowed in are limited."

Dr Tony Holohan Chief Medical Officer said there were anecdotal evidence that social distancing was not being observed in pubs and restaurants and said the impact of the measures were being monitored.

Yesterday (Friday, March 13) a leading consultant at Children's Hospital Ireland, Temple Street pleaded with secondary school to consider the ramifications of their actions and adhere by social distancing advice.

Temple Street’s Consultant Craniofacial Surgeon, Mr Dylan Murray wrote a lengthy Facebook post for the members of the GAA team he coaches. The post struck a chord and has been shared extensively since then across Facebook.

In the post Mr Murray tell teenagers: "It is important that you understand that social distancing needs to be practiced continuously. There is no point being let off school if you were going to congregate and gather in gyms, people's houses, sleep overs, parties and even pubs.."

He notes that young people may not get sick but they could spread Covid-19 to their grandparents, other vulnerable adults, and to the medical staff who are so essential in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Here is the post in full.