Minister Simon Harris promises permanency for staff recruited during Covid-19 pandemic

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

Minister Simon Harris promises jobs and permanency for staff recruited during Covid-19 pandemic

Simon Harris

Minister for Health Simon Harris stated that there is a role for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic.

24,000 medical personnel have signed up to help the national emergency thus far, Minister Harris stated on RTE Sean O'Rourke's show today. 

The HSE requires the help from professionals across a variety of fields, not just those with medical experience. Harris stated that people who come forward and apply for these roles will either benefit from three month contracts or permanent roles within the health service. 

The health service is expecting an exponential rise in cases in the coming days and weeks, with 15,000 cases expected by the end of March 2020. 

Medical workers who left Ireland due to poor wages and the lack of permanent positions are returning from abroad to help their country during this time of crisis.

Harris promised that these workers will be paid and outlined the need for more Irish medical talent to stay in Ireland. 

Harris outlined that there will be many volunteers during this time, but that primarily the HSE want to hire people and ultimately remove some people from unemployment.

Minister Harris outlined the agreement made with private hospitals as there is "no room for private versus public in a global pandemic".

Talks are ongoing with prominent Irish companies who produce ventilators and other medical devices. Currently, the HSE have access to 300 ventilators, but those figures are expected to increase in the coming weeks.