Results come back negative for three-month-old Kildare baby tested for Covid-19 / coronavirus

Leinster Express reporter


Leinster Express reporter


3-month-old Kildare baby tested for Covid-19 / coronavirus

Baby Shauna with a face mask in Tallaght Hospital

A County Kildare baby is recovering today after being tested for Covid-19.
Castledermot mum Aoife Somers rushed three-month-old Shauna to Tallaght Hospital on Saturday morning after she displayed symptoms consistent with the virus sweeping the country.

Aoife (27) then had an agonising 36-hour wait for the results only to be finally told that the test was negative for Covid-19.
Little Shauna had to wear an oversized face mask while she and Aoife were in an isolation room in the hospital.
Aoife told the Kildare Post: “It was the scariest experience ever but I was so happy the test was negative.
“The hospital told me on Saturday that Shauna was the youngest child to be tested for the virus.
“I had to wear a face mask the whole time and Shauna was terrified of me.”
Aoife and Shauna are now self-isolating to safeguard themselves against the Covid-19 virus.
Aoife also urged parents to watch out for symptoms of the coronavirus in children.

The ordeal for Aoife began on Friday last when Shauna started coughing, her temperature was high and she had shortness of breath — the classic symptoms of Covid-19.
She rang the HSE on Saturday morning and eventually got through to them. 
They told her told me to bring the baby straight to the hospital where she explained the symptoms to medics and they carried out the test immediately.

She explained: “It takes 36 hours to get, so we were in quarantine in the hospital. It was just me, her and the four walls.
“It was awful but obviously you're in the best place.
“The hospital were brilliant, I couldn't ask for anything better. They were coming in with the masks on, the visors, the plastic suits and the shoes.
Aoife said that her experience should open other people's eyes to the risks of contracting the virus. 
Aoife explained: “Thank God her results came back she tested negative but the next person might not be so lucky. 
“So I'm asking you all to please share this to raise awareness of just how serious this virus is. Children can catch this virus but thankfully none have just yet so please everyone follow the guidelines, wash your hands, isolate yourself and your family as much as possible — but if you must go out, do not bring your children and keep a distance of two metres between yourself and others. 
“And please please stay away from anyone who you know could be vulnerable, no matter whether they are young or old.
“We need to work together.”