GROW Mental Health Movement Ireland offer online support during Covid-19 crisis

Leinster Express reporter


Leinster Express reporter


GROW Mental Health Movement Ireland are offering online support during the Covid-19 crisis

GROW Mental Health Movement Ireland

Due to new Covid-19 restrictions, many mental health charities have had to close their doors in a bid to stop the spread of the virus. 

GROW Mental Health Recovery host free weekly support meetings to offer members a practical path out of mental and emotional issues by empowering them to construct their own recovery. Its principal strength is the support members give to each other by drawing on their own successful experiences of recovery.  

Currently, there are 130 groups across the country where members help each other on the road to recovery by providing mutual help, understanding and encouragement to those who are struggling with any aspect of mental health from depression to stress, anxiety, loneliness or isolation and to those experiencing financial and physical difficulties.

Unfortunately, the GROW group in Laois and other areas have been suspended due to the Coronavirus restrictions and this is particularly difficult for people with mental health challenges. However, local GROW members are being given the opportunity to continue their meetings by joining an online group in Australia.

Online meetings are categorised and includes three young adult groups. You can sign up for the online sessions by visiting the GROW website and filling out a request form.