Construction Industry Federation implements health and safety guidelines for Covid-19

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has implemented guidelines for health and  safety during Covid-19

With construction workers continuing to work during the Covid-19 crisis, the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has issued guidelines for their health and safety.

The industry is continuing to deliver on contracted projects for public and private sector clients while adhering to HSE and Chief Medical officer requirements/ recommendations.

The CIF says that its 147,000 employees are critical to both the economy and wider society as essential emergency works, housing, hospitals, roads, schools and other projects are delivered.  

"As construction sites are workplaces, construction companies must observe the HSE Guidelines on dealing with Covid-19.  Construction companies have and are adapting to the social distancing guidelines as are other industries such as manufacturing, retail and transport so they can keep essential parts of the economy operating during the outbreak.

"Many companies have now embedded social distancing into their daily routines including measures such as staggered work, social distancing in canteens, employees taking lunch individually and individual travel.

"They now run induction talks on entry to work and hold regular ‘toolbox’ talks to constantly reinforce new safety guidelines. Building sites are complex workplaces and employers and employees are working together to addresses any issues of concern that arise.

"The industry will continue to work with the Government and follow advice and guidelines on this issue as they evolve over the coming weeks.

They want anyone not conforming to guidelines to be reported.

"The CIF does not condone any behaviours that contradict the HSE’s guidelines.  Any such behaviour should be reported to employers so the issue can be addressed."