Calls for Minister Bruton to support local newspapers during Covid-19

Michaela O'Dea


Michaela O'Dea

Support needed for local and national newspapers amid Covid-19 shutdown

Minister Richard Bruton has been called to find creative ways of supporting local newspapers through COVID 19 crisis.

Communities across Ireland are at risk of loosing their local news source, this is due to the dramatic decline in advertising revenue since the onset of Covid-19.

People are urged to continue to support their local community throughout this emergency. Particularly news platforms as false information is being spread through private messaging forums such as WhatsApp. Local news outlets supply authentic news curated from trusted sources.

Brian Leddin TD, Green Party spokesperson for Communications stated that there will be a public health impact, especially in rural areas, if local newspapers are allowed to close.

He said, "in the immediate term I would encourage everyone to buy a copy of their local paper, either with their essential shop or online, to support a trusted source of local news.”