Gatherings of youths ignoring Covid-19 restrictions discovered by Laois Offaly Gardaí

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

Two large gatherings of young people playing soccer and having an outdoor party were discovered by Gardaí today in Offaly.

The Laois Offaly Garda District has reported coming across a group of about 20 young men playing soccer in Tullamore town.

"Our members on patrol around Tullamore Town today came across a group of over 20 males playing a game of soccer with not a care in the world. No social distancing at play."

"One amadán even told the Garda "you can't stop me getting the Corollavirus". Some genius. Meantime they discovered a group of over 12 young people having a little party in the woods. No social distancing at play here either." the Gardaí report on their Facebook page.

They have again warned about the danger of spreading Covid-19 to family members at risk. 

"Remember chances are you will go home and chances are you will affect a family member. Take the advice before its past doing anything about it," the Gardaí have said.