Ten more coronavirus Covid-19 deaths in Ireland

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Ten more Irish people have died from coronavirus Covid-19 in Ireland today, and 13 altogether on the island.

The number of Laois cases confirmed positive remains at nine, with no deaths yet in Laois. In Offaly there were three new cases confirmed today, now up to 16 with one death reported by a family member earlier this week.

Latest figures released this Thursday evening, March 26 have confirmed that ten more people have died in the last 24 hours due to the coronavirus in Ireland, bringing a total of 19 in the country so far. The jump today has more than doubled the number of deaths. 

The patients are 3 female and 7 males. 9 patients in the east of the country and one in the south. The median age of patients diagnosed with COVID-19 who have died is 79 years, 68% are male and 32% are female.

Another 255 people tested positive. The total of people testing positive in the Republic is now at now at 1,819 in less than four weeks.

A total of 19 people have died.

In Northern Ireland three more people died today, bringing the total number there to 10, with 32 new Covid-19 cases making it a total of 241 confirmed cases there. 

Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, said: “we expect to see more deaths. We're at an early stage. The mortality we expect to see with this is higher than we expect with flu. We expect in the region of 1%. If the number of cases continues to increase the number of deaths sadly will increase. The measures we are taking such as physical distance is to slow down the progression of this," he said.

Information is available on HSE.ie or by calling the HSE helpline 1850 24 1850

Detailed figures of Thursday's update appear on the new coronavirus dashboard.

Today’s data from HPSC, as of midnight, Monday 23nd March (1,164 cases), reveals:
·        55% are male and 45% are female, with 63 clusters involving 289 cases
·        The median age of confirmed cases is 45 years
·        305 cases (26%) have been hospitalised
·        Of those hospitalised, 39 cases have been admitted to ICU
·        283 cases (24%) are associated with healthcare workers
·        Dublin has the highest number of cases at 559, (57% of all cases) followed by Cork with 133 cases (11%)
·        Of those for whom transmission status is known: community transmission accounts for 49%, close contact accounts for 23%, travel abroad accounts for 28%