Fianna Fáil TD calls for measures the Government must take to secure jobs after Covid-19 crisis

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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Signing on in Laois after the property crash - Sean Fleming suggests measures to avoid a repeat

The Government must introduce more measures to support Irish businesses to help people get people back to work after the coronavirus crisis, according to Fianna Fáil Laois Offaly TD Sean Fleming.

The TD highlighted what he said were a number of 'urgent measures'.

In relation to cash flow and finance he called for measures to assist businesses facing short term problems, including interest-free loans and a 12-month deferral of repayments.

He suggests that the Government should offer business interruption grants to help firms reopen.

On insurance, Dep Fleming said grants to cover business public liability and property insurance for the duration of the crisis and for government to require the insurance industry to be more flexible with claims in relation to business that are closed.

As for taxation, he said the tourism VAT and employers PRSI needs to to be reduced or deferred until the industry has recovered.

Finally, the Fianna Fáil said local authority rates and water charges must be waived for the duration of business interruption and initial recovery period.