14 people in Laois have Covid-19, lower than most neighbouring counties

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan

The latest Covid-19 figures for Ireland this Sunday show that Laois now has 14 diagnosed cases, up from 11 yesterday.

It is up by four cases since the 10 confirmed to be in Laois last Friday March 27.

Laois has one of the lowest figures compared to neighbouring counties.

Offaly has over twice as many cases, at 29. Tipperary has 53 cases. Kilkenny has 33 cases, and Kildare has 61. Carlow has the smallest number in the region, with less than five cases.

The figures in Laois mean that just 0.016% of the population (about 84,000) has tested positive for Covid-19 here.

The total figure for Ireland now stands at 2,615 cases. Dublin accounts for nearly half of them, at 1,233 cases.

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