Biggest daily number of Covid-19 deaths recorded in Ireland

Tuesday, April 7

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


The Department of Health has confirmed the biggest single daily increase in deaths due to Covid-19 in Ireland bringing to more than 200 the number of lives claimed by Covid-19 in the Republic.

A total of 36 deaths were notified to the Department on Tuesday, April 7 bringing to 210 the total number of deaths here.

The Department was also notified that 345 more cases of the virus have also been identified, bringing the total number of cases to 5,709.

The figures have led the man at the front of the battle against the virus to urge people to stay on lockdown and to warn that the measures will not be lifted this weekend.

So far, 42,484 tests have now been carried out, with 12,271 carried out in the last week. 19% of the tests done in the last week were positive. 

Health officials say testing has stepped up substantially in the past week, with 40% of the total tests undertaken during the crisis having been conducted in the past seven days.

Testing is now at 2,000 per day, the goal is to get to 15,000 per day.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said he is concerned about reports of people out and about.

"The disease is still here it still represents a risk to people and is being transmitted at rate that gives concern. We're not at a point yet where we're ready as a society to step back from the collective effort we've made,"

"We must continue to double down on measures in place to interrupt the transmission," he said.

Dr Holohan said he does not expect lockdown measures to be lifted after Easter.

- 27 of the 36 deaths are in the East, 6 in the North, 3 in the South.

- 17 are female, 19 are male. 

- The median age of those additional deaths is 81, 24 had underlying conditions.

- As of Sunday at midnight there were 5,593 confirmed cases. 1,345 were hospitalised, that's 24%.

- 194 in ICU, 3.5%.

- There are 270 clusters of Covid-19 which represents 1103 cases.

- 1,388 or 25% of the cases involve healthcare workers.

- Of 205 ICU cases - 138 are still in ICU, 45 have been discharged with 22 deaths. 

- The median age of those admitted to ICU was 61 years.

- In terms of transmission, community transmission accounts for two thirds of cases - 67%