LATEST: Notable change in the increase in cases confirmed in Laois of coronavirus Covid-19

Saturday, April 25

Conor Ganly & Lynda Kiernan


Conor Ganly & Lynda Kiernan

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Coronavirus cases in Laois

The Department of Health confirmed more cases in Laois of Covid-19 in Laois on Saturday, April 25.

The number of Laois people with the virus is up 2 from yesterday's figure.

The total number of people who have tested postive in Laois since the end of Febuary is 204. That is up from 202 on Friday.

Neighbouring counties have seen further rises reported today. 

In Offaly, there are now 222 more cases up from 217. Tipperary has risen to 345 cases up from 343.

Kilkenny now has 229. cases up from 227 the previous day, while Kildare has passed the 1,000 mark. A total of 1,003 people have tested positive up from 954.

Carlow's total is now 88 from 86.

Westmeath has 421 up from 409. Longford has 113 a rise of 102 cases.

The number of infections in Dublin has passed the 9,000 mark. In total, 9,010 have been confirmed in the capital up to Saturday up from 8,729 on Friday. 

The county breakdown relates to the latest figures confirmed on Thursday, April 23.

The up to date national figures for Saturday revealed that 1,063 have died in Ireland after contracting the virus. The Department announced a further 42 confirmed Covid-19 related deaths and 10 new 'probable' deaths.

Probable deaths are included because patients show all the symptoms of Covid-19 but a positive test has either not been confirmed or it has not been possible to confirm its presence. Nasal swabs taken from some patients do not reveal the presence of the virus but it can be present in the lungs or respiratory tract.

The Department of Health began including probable deaths in its figures from Friday, April 25 after a recommendation from the European Centre for Disease Control.

A total of 18,561 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Ireland since February 29.

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