Update on the Covid-19 case in Portlaoise hospital from the HSE

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise

A patient with Covid-19 is in their fourth day of receiving critical care at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise, according to the latest daily update from the HSE.

The HSE's Covid-19 Daily Operations Update revealed that the case was confirmed on Sunday, July 19. The Dublin Midland Hospital Group has since confirmed to the Leinster Express the patient was admitted the previous day. The virus was confirmed by Sunday afternoon.

Updated operations figures for Tuesday, July 21 confirm that the patient remains in the hospital's ICU.

There were was one suspected coronavirus cases in the hospital as of 8 pm on Tuesday night.

The report also confirms that a patient with a suspected Covid-19 infection is being treated at the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore. 

The Leinster Express understands the latest case is the first person who has required critical care for the coronavirus in Portlaoise since late May.

The case is just one of 14 confirmed cases at hospitals nationally up three on Monday. A total of 11 people around Ireland are being treated in ICUs for confirmed or suspected Covid-19. Of these, nine are ventilated. Portlaoise is one of just nine hospitals to have a confirmed or suspected case in ICU.

Tuesday's update shows that there were no empty critical care beds at the hospital which expanded and reconfigured its ICU for the Covid-19 pandemic. There were 11 empty general beds in the hospital as of 8 pm on Tuesday.

Nationally there were 127 people with suspected Covid-19 by 8 pm on Tuesday at hospitals around Ireland. This had dropped from 179 suspected cases at 11 am. 

Trolley figures from nurses and midwives show that there were 174 admitted patients waiting for beds on Wednesday morning around Ireland. The  INMO Trolley Watch report said there were 150 patients waiting in the emergency department, while 24 are in wards elsewhere in the hospital. None were waiting at Portlaoise hospital.