Laois Covid-19 helpline stood down but ready to return

lynda kiernan


lynda kiernan


Laois Covid-19 helpline stood down but ready to return

Image by iXimus from Pixabay

The Laois Covid helpline offered free to people vulnerable or isolating during the pandemic, has closed.

Laois County Council announced that the service is now stood down, after calls slowed to “a trickle”.

In all, from March 31 to July 19, 647 calls or emails were made to the line 1800 832 010, which was manned by council employees who came from the community, sports, arts and library areas, all

working from their homes. They then passed on requests to local community groups or emergency services. 

Types of calls included requests for transport to medical appointments, requests to collect and deliver shopping or medication, queries about the Covid-19 payment and testing, meal deliveries, and “calls from those seeking reassurance and a chat”.

The call service can be restarted quickly if there is a second wave.

“The volume of calls has reduced to a trickle over the past six weeks. Accordingly it is now intended to stand down the service, to divert the calls to in house customer service and to be in a position to reinstate the service at short notice if required,” the council said in a report to the July meeting.