Offaly meat factory Carroll Cuisine to reopen on a phased basis

Camilla McLoughlin


Camilla McLoughlin

Carroll Cuisine plan to reopen on a phased basis

HSE tests on 210 Carroll Cuisine employees come back negative for covid virus

Offaly meat processing factory CARROLL Cuisine is planning to reopen on a phase basis.

A statement from the company said: ''The HSE and the Health and Safety Authority have reviewed and approved the extensive measures we have in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. They have confirmed to us that we have all necessary processes in place to allow for a reopening of our facility.''

The announcement comes after Carroll Cuisine temporarily suspended operations last Monday while they waited for the results of Coronavirus tests by the HSE. All of these tests have came back negative, the company stated.

''The HSE tested 210 of our colleagues last Sunday including staff who work in our food processing operations. The results of these tests proved 100% negative for Coronavirus.

Our remaining workforce aren’t based at our Tullamore facility, or haven’t attended the facility since people began working from home, resulting in no requirement for precautionary testing unless any symptoms are identified. We currently employ 330 people in total.''

When the three midland counties of Kildare, Laois and Offaly recently went into regional lockdown, over 500 individuals in Offaly had tested positive for the virus.

Carroll Cuisine say only 9 of those 500+ people are employees of Carroll’s.