LATEST: Eighteen more confirmed Covid-19 cases at Tipperary mushroom plant





Tipperary Tipperary Tipperary

There have been eighteen more confirmed Covid-19 cases at a Tipperary mushroom plant

Following on from the Covid outbreak at Walsh Mushrooms in Golden in south Tipperary, the HSE confirmed on Sunday August 16 that there have been an additional eighteen confirmed cases of Covid-19.

This follows on from eleven positive cases as of Friday - bringing the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases from the outbreak at the plant to 29. 

Tipperary which borders Laois and Offaly has 563 confirmed cases in total. 

Tipp TD, Martin Browne said the HSE confirmed the rise to him following test results.

"They have confirmed that there has been an additional 18 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in relation to the mushroom farm in Golden.

"We won't have the full figure until Monday. I questioned what this would mean in relation to a lockdown and they said that at the moment they couldn't see Tipperary placed in lockdown over these figures but that the decision would be with the Government and NPHET.

"They also confirmed that the army tents will be taken down over the next 24-hrs but will be put back up over the next 7 days to re-test all employees with a negative result as precaution measures.

"Also I again enquired about rumours in relation to other factories in south Tipperary and I've been assured that as of now the HSE are not investigating any other outbreaks."