Portlaoise hospital full as critically ill Covid-19 patients continue to be cared for

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Frontline Covid-19 staff at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise

There were no beds in Portlaoise hospital available for patients who need hospital treatment for the coronavirus or any other illness, according to the latest HSE daily report on the Covid-19 situation in Irish hospitals.

The HSE Acute Hospital Daily Operations Updates show the number of Covid-19 patients in hospitals and reveals the capacity of hospitals to accommodate patients with all illnesses, including those with the virus.

The update on Wednesday, September 30 reveals that two patients who have fallen critically ill with Covid-19 continue to be treated in the Laois hospital's ICU. One of these patients was admitted on September 11. Both are entering a second month of fighting the illness.

The report, which was published on Thursday morning, shows that there are no suspected Covid-19 patients in the hospital.

However, staff are now struggling to find space for patients. The update shows that the Laois hospital had no vacant general beds or vital critical care beds. ICU beds needed for patients who have fallen critically ill with Covid-19 and other illnesses.

Portlaoise is one of five acute hospitals in the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group (DMHG) where ICU teams were treating patients fighting the virus.

Tullamore hospital has five patients who have tested positive for the virus. One patient was in ICU - a decrease of one on Tuesday. The Offaly hospital had no suspect case.

There were 10 free general beds and one available ICU bed in the Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore.

The DMHG also includes Naas General. Kildare's hospital had one confirmed cases. Three patients had three suspected Covid-19 according to the report. Naas had 3 vacant general beds and one spare critical care bed.

Tallaght and St James's hospitals in Dublin are part of the same hospital group. Tallaght had 11 confirmed cases and 9 suspected cases. It had no available critical care bed and five general beds on Wednesday evening.

There were 15 confirmed and 5 suspected in St James's. It has 4 available ICU beds and 28 general beds.

Both hospitals are treating critically ill Covid-19 patients in ICU.

Nationally, the number of patients with Covid-19 in Irish hospitals has risen to 121 on Wednesday evening. There were 85 suspected cases on Thursday evening compared with 217 at 8 am that morning. 

There were 22 confirmed and five suspected cases in critical care units across Ireland. Of these 9 were ventilated. There were no deaths in ICU.