Portlaoise hospital one of 20 hospitals in Ireland with critically ill Covid-19 patients says new HSE report

Naas hospital busy with six Covid-19 patients admitted in one day

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



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Portlaoise hospital ICU staff in PPE at the Covid-19 coalface

Portlaoise hospital continues to treat critically ill Covid-19 patients as the first full week of lockdown begins while the number of patients admitted to the hospital with the virus did not change over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The Covid-19 Daily Operations Update for Acute Hospitals, finalised for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise on Wednesday and published on Monday, October 25, shows that there are now eight confirmed cases at the hospital. There was no suspected case

By 8pm on Monday, ICU staff were caring for two of these patients who have fallen critically ill. 

Out of 26 general hospitals around Ireland, Portlaoise is one of 20 had patients critically ill with Covid-19 in ICU care on the bank holiday.

The incidence in the Laois hospital is similar to lead into the bank holiday weekend prior to Level 5 restrictions coming into force. 

Unfortunately, the bed situation is also stable but in the wrong way. The Laois hospital continues to have no vacant ICU beds and had just four available general beds to call upon for new patients on Monday night. 

The Laois hospital is part of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group (DMHG) which includes hospitals in Kildare, Offaly and Dublin. 

The Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore hospital now has nine patients 11 confirmed Covid-19 cases - this is down two on the weekend. Two of its confirmed cases are critically ill. There were no suspected cases in the Offaly hospital on Monday evening. Staff had no available ICU bed and six general beds by 8 pm. 

Meanwhile, Naas General Hospital has 18 confirmed Covid-19 cases and ten suspected cases. Six were tested positive in the 24 hours up to when the HSE compiled the figures. No hospital had a higher number of Covid-19 admissions on Monday. However, none are receiving critical care.

The Kildare facility had one ICU bed and eight generals bed when the HSE compiled the figures.

Tallaght and St James' hospitals in Dublin are part of the same group. Tallaght now has 26 confirmed cases and nine suspected. It has three ICU beds and 11 general beds available. St James' has 16 confirmed but 23 suspected cases of Covid-19. It has 57 general beds and three critical care beds available. Both had patients in ICU.

Nationally, the number of Covid-19 cases in hospitals was 349 late on Monday. There were 107 suspect cases. Of these two categories, 50 people were receiving critical care - 30 are ventilated. There was on deaths in ICU on Monday.