Laois Covid-19 incidence trending up according to NPHET which reports a flurry of deaths

More than 250 new cases around Ireland

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Coronavirus cases in Laois

The incidence of Covid-19 continues to trend in the wrong direction on another day of low Covid-19 new cases according to the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) which has also reported nearly 18 deaths most of which occurred in the last few weeks.

Less than five new cases were recorded on Laois according to the figures published by NPHET on Tuesday, November 30. The actual number of new cases on a day is not published where there have been between one and four cases for confidentiality reasons. Laois was one of eight counties to have less than five new cases.

The incidence in Laois has risen to 55.5 per 100,000 population on the back the new cases and the 47 cases in the past two weeks. The upward trend in the incidence has also led to Laois going in the wrong direction on in the national incidence table.

Laois had the second-best record at one point in November due to falling cases but now eight other counties have a lower incidence. This is because the number of new cases has not been falling as quickly in Laois as other counties.

There have been 981 cases in Laois up to Sunday, November 29.

The national incidence is now 87 per 100 k on the back of 4,144 in the two weeks to November 30.

In its daily statement, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre has today been notified of 18 additional deaths related to COVID-19. Of the deaths reported today, 1 death occurred in October, 15 deaths in November and 2 are under investigation.

There has been a total of 2,069* COVID-19 related deaths in Ireland. (*denotification of 2 deaths).

As of midnight Monday 30th November, the HPSC has been notified of 269 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There is now a total of 72,798** confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland. (**denotification of 15 confirmed cases.)

NPHET highlighted cases in the following counties: 73 in Dublin, 20 in Kilkenny, 20 in Limerick, 19 in Louth, 19 in Tipperary. The remaining 118 cases are spread across Laois and 20 other counties. Just Leitrim had no new cases.

As of 2pm today, 224 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, of which 31 are in ICU. 14 additional hospitalisations in the past 24 hours.

Of the new cases published on Tuesday, 133 are men / 133 are women, 65% are under 45 years of age, the median age is 35 years old.

The COVID-19 Dashboard provides up-to-date information on the key indicators of COVID-19 in the community.