Laois surge due to 'many sporadic cases' of Covid-19 says HSE public health

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Coronavirus cases in Laois have jumped sharply

There surge in new Covid-19 cases in Laois is widespread and not associated with any identifiable or setting but people should stay away from crowds and avoid locations where alcohol is being served, according to the HSE.

The Community Health Office for the county includes public health which manages outbreaks two of which have led to the closure of two primary schools in Portlaoise.

"Cases are not associated with any one setting and are occurring throughout the community. There are many sporadic cases not associated with any particular cluster or event and other cases which are associated with a variety of settings including schools and healthcare," said a statement.

The office said the public health advice to prevent spread and infection remains the same.

"Regardless of the circumstances of the rising number of cases the solution is the same - keep your distance, clean your hands and wear a face covering. In the interests of having a nice Christmas and meeting up with loved ones and keeping them safe - stay away from crowded places particularly where alcohol is being offered and keep your number of contacts low," it said.

Figures published the National Public Health Emergency Team on Monday, September 21 show that Laois has a Covid-19 incidence of 173.6 per 100,000 population on the back of 147 cases in the past two weeks.

At one point during Level 5 Laois had an incidence of less than 50 per 100 k over a two week period.

The national average is 122.4 per 100k.

The biggest increases in cases and incidence have been confirmed in the Portlaoise area. 

Laois had very low figures toward the end of Level 5 lockdown but infections started to jump from December 11.