Non-frontline HSE staff in midlands receive 'leftover' Covid-19 vaccines

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Non-frontline HSE staff in Offaly receive 'leftover' Covid-19 vaccines

Non-frontline HSE staff in Offaly receive 'leftover' Covid-19 vaccines

Non-frontline HSE finance staff have received Covid-19 vaccines in the Tullamore.

The news that staff at the HSE’s finance department in Offaly which provides services to the Midlands, Louth and Meath were vaccinated despite not working in patient-facing roles emerged in Thursday's Irish Independent. 

The paper reports that the HSE has confirmed “a small number” of staff members received left over vaccines after a reserve list was activated.

It is unclear how many staff members in these non-frontline roles received doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The HSE issued a statement to explain what happened.

"Midlands Louth Meath Community Healthcare Organisation adheres to the sequencing as agreed by Government when administering Covid-19 vaccines and has a reserve list which is activated when there is surplus vaccine available.

"However, on very rare occasions where a small number of vaccines are remaining, Midlands Louth Meath CHO operates on the principle that no vaccine should be wasted. This is an agile and fast-evolving programme and the HSE is working to ensure the vaccine is administered as fast as supplies allow. A key factor of the rollout strategy is to reduce the risk of any wastage,​" said the statement

Not all frontline staff members in healthcare settings across the country have yet received their full Covid-19 vaccination.