Portlaoise man abused his mother-in-law

Portlaoise man abused his mother-in-law

A Portlaoise man who drunkenly shouted abuse at his mother-in-law over a perceived slight against his family has been told the only reason he is not going to jail is because it’s been eight years since his last criminal conviction.

Hugh Nevin (39), Clonroosk View, Portlaoise, was charged at last week’s district court in Portlaoise with threatening or abusive behaviour, at Harpurs Lane, Portlaoise, on August 8, 2017.

Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that the accused abused his mother-in-law for approximately 30 minutes. He had alcohol taken and was directed to leave the scene by gardaí.

The accused had 17 previous convictions.

Defence, Mr Declan Breen said his client wished to apologise profusely, as his behaviour had been appalling.

The accused had gone to a family member in Portarlington and consumed drink, then received a call from his wife about an incident between his 12-year-old son and his mother-in-law which he perceived as a slight on him and a slight on his family.

Mr Breen said he had viewed CCTV of the incident, which showed the accused standing on a wall shouting in at the people inside the house.

When the gardaí arrived he left, said Mr Breen.

Defence said that the accused could have gone into the house, but didn’t, although the language he used was appalling.

The accused apologised to his mother-in-law the next day and also apologised on Facebook, said Mr Breen, adding that he would give a commitment to stay away from her house.

Defence concluded by saying that the accused, who is married with five children, did have drink issues in the past. His last public order conviction was back in 2009.

Judge Catherine Staines put the matter back to April 12 for a community service report, directing the accused to write a letter of apology and have €100 compensation.

“Drink is no excuse,” said the judge.

“You’ve had no conviction in eight years and that’s the only reason you’re not going to prison.”