Suspected brothels searched in human trafficking investigation

Express Reporter


Express Reporter


Breaking: Premises raided as part of ongoing investigation into human trafficking in Kilkenny City

Gardai searched a number of properties where it was suspected brothels were being kept in Carlow and Kilkenny, on Friday.

As part of an operation carried out by Gardaí from Kilkenny and Carlow assisted by the National Digital Intelligence Unit a number of properties were searched on Friday 11th May where it was suspected that brothels were being operated from

This operation also included an investigation into potential victims of Human Trafficking.

A total of 7 premises were searched where prostitution was suspected, 3 in Kilkenny and 4 in Carlow.

Evidence of prostitution was discovered at all of these premises and all were closed down and a number of exhibits seized. Investigations and enquiries are ongoing to further this investigation. No arrests have been made.

In a further operation on Friday 15 inspections were carried out at Fast Food Outlets, Restaurants and Nail Bars by local Garda Immigration Officers in the Kilkenny and Carlow districts.

One person was arrested for immigration offences in Carlow, she was taken to Carlow District Court on Friday afternoon.