Suspected burglars 'marking' houses in countryside claims community alert group

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Suspected burglars marking houses in Offaly countryside

A community alert was issued last weekend after claims that suspected criminals were seen marking houses. 

The Durrow Community Alert group in Offaly reported that a black BMW car, with a 10-D registration was noticed acting suspiciously in the Ballysheil area of Belmont near Ferbane. 

It is reported that three men were in the car as it travelled around the area. 

It's understood that a mark was put on the wall of a house in the Ballysheil area on Sunday. 

Marking houses is a known tactic used by suspected burglars. 

A community alert was issued about the vehicle and individuals on Sunday afternoon. 

Sightings can be reported to local Garda Stations.