Most councils back CCTV to prevent crime claims Departmtent

Most councils back CCTV to prevent crime claims Departmtent

All but three county or city councils have agreed to back community CCTV schemes, according the the Department of Justice.

As the row rumbles on in Laois over the installation of cameras the Deparment of Justice also confirmed to date there have been 27 applicants to grant scheme for CCTV in 2018 with 20 applications approved so far.

It said a further four applications are being assessed and considered. The remaining three applications have been returned to the applicants concerned to enable them to supply the information necessary to qualify for grant aid.

The 20 individual grant applications which have been approved are located in counties Limerick, Sligo, Wexford, Wicklow and Leitrim. A total of 14 schemes are planned for Limerick.

The Department said there are additional applications still under consideration by the Department and existing community CCTV.

It said the large majority of local authorities have undertaken to act as data controllers in relation to community CCTV schemes, either in the course of the current grant-aid scheme, the previous grant-aid scheme operated by Pobal on behalf of the Department, or in connection with other schemes funded independently by local authorities.

The Department said it understands from the Local Government Management Agency that 28 out of the 31 local authorities nationwide have agreed to act as Data Controller.

No schemes are backed by Laois County Council .