Elderly Port woman banned from driving over safety risk

Driving ban

Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Elderly Port woman banned from driving over safety risk

An elderly Portarlington woman has been disqualified from driving due to her presenting a danger to the public.

Ms Agatha Meehan, Bracklone Street, Portarlington, was in court due to an application by the State for a special disqualification order.

Garda Fenlon gave evidence that she attended the scene of a road traffic collision involving Ms Meehan at Bracklone Street, Portarlington, on February 20 last.

Ms Meehan had tried to do a u-turn when her foot slipped on the pedal and her vehicle mounted the footpath, crashing into another car causing extensive damage.

Garda Fenlon said that members of the public expressed concerns, as Ms Meehan was physically unable to have control of her vehicle.

The garda also said that Ms Meehan would not be charged with an offence in relation to this incident, as the injured party was content for the matter to be dealt with in this manner.

Judge Catherine Staines asked Ms Meehan if she accepted the State’s evidence, to which she replied that yes, she could remember the incident.

Judge Staines informed her that the State would not be prosecuting her, but there was a concern over her ability to drive as it was believed she was a danger to drive due to her disability.

Ms Meehan agreed, saying she had a disability and had hurt her leg.

Judge Staines asked her if she would like to have a solicitor before the court made its decision, but Ms Meehan replied that she intended to stop driving.

Judge Staines made the order, due to the risk to the public if Ms Meehan continued to drive.

She told Ms Meehan that if she ever recovered and was deemed fit to drive again she could do her test, but Ms Meehan replied: “Not at my age.”