Tailgating ambulance at speed through M7 roadworks sees van man getting ban


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Court Reporter

m7 roadworks

M7 Roadworks

A man in a van tailgated an ambulance at speed through the M7 Dulbin Limerick Cork motorway roadworks a court has heard.

Eddie Moore, 35, with an address listed as Ballincur, Mooncoin, Kilkenny came to the attention of gardaí on November, 20, 2018 when he was observed driving behind the ambulance on the M7 from Osberstown, Naas at 120 kph in a 60 zone.

Naas District Court heard that he had no connection with the person in the ambulance at the time. Gardaí pursued but he continued at speed until he was pulled in and taken to Newbridge Garda Station where he was charged with dangerous driving.

“There would have been someone fighting for their lives in that ambulance,” said Judge Desmond Zaidan. “And you do this in road works.”

The court heard that man had 15 previous convictions and four children. He was on his way to a job emergency at the time and he had been behind the ambulance and felt it was fine to follow it as he was the next van in line.

It was claimed he did not realise the speed and accepted that he drove the van in a dangerous manner. The court heard he was 'burnt out' at the time from working long days to support his family.

“He is fortunate that the court is not sending him to prison,” Judge Desmond Zaidan said.

The judge refused to drop the charge from dangerous driving to careless driving during the hearing on Wednesday, April 3.

“Tailgating an ambulance at that speed in extremely narrow roads in road works over a 10km stretch of road is dangerous,” said the judge.

His disqualification will come into effect on September 15, 2019 next on request.