Batons and pepper spray for prison staff 'definitely deserved' say officers

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

Jail within a jail will not tackle gang culture in prisons say officers

Protection equipment like batons and pepper spray are included in an upgrade for prison staff in the Irish Prison Service’s Draft Strategy Statement for the next three years.

The President of the Prison Officer Association (POA), Tony Power, has welcomed this introduction of standardised personal protection for staff, he said staff 'definitely deserve' this equipment for safety at work. 

A total of 100 weapons were seized in the Portlaoise and Midlands prisons in 2018.

“Over many years we have been calling for the introduction of standardised ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ (PPE) for staff, such as batons, pepper spray etc.

“We welcome reference to PPE in the Irish Prison Service ‘Draft Strategy Statement 2019-2021’. The IPS are now committed to investing in standardised PPE for all staff. Let’s hope they carry out this strategy and give our members the equipment they require and most definitely deserve to ensure their safety at work," he said. 

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