Laois pool cue assault trio pay compensation with more to come

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Laois pool cue assault trio pay compensation with more to come

Laois pool cue assault trio pay compensation with more to come

Three Portlaoise men involved in an attack on two other men in a local pub, in which one of the injured parties was struck around the head with a pool cue, have paid further compensation at Portlaoise Circuit Court.

Before the court was Hayden Delaney, 23 of 203 St Brigids Place, Portlaoise, charged with violent disorder; Patrick Delaney , 20, of 169 St Brigids Place, Portlaoise, charged with violent disorder and section 3 assault; and Adam Keogh, 25, of 37 St Brigids Place, charged with violent disorder, two section 3 assaults, and production of an article in the course of a dispute.

Adam Keogh has been given a suspended prison sentence for his part in the offence.

All of the charges relate to an incident at The Office Bar, Portlaoise, on February 25, 2018.

When the evidence was first heard in March last, Garda Kevin O’Sullivan gave evidence that on that date, two men were playing pool on the premises. The three accused were also present and they had a lot of drink taken.

“Things became rambunctious,” said Garda O’Sullivan, explaining that one of the accused interfered with the pool game and events kicked off.

During the incident, Adam Keogh hit one of the injured parties, a Kieran O’Riordan, with a pool cue before he punched the other injured party. Hayden Delaney was grappling with Mr O’Riordan on the ground, and both Patrick Delaney and Keogh kicked Mr O’Riordan while he was on the ground.

Mr O’Riordan was semi-unconscious when the gardaí arrived and suffered injuries to his head and chest. He had a 7.5” laceration to his forehead, which required nine stitches.

Garda O’Sullivan said that Hayden Delaney was “the instigator and antagoniser” on the night.

Patrick Delaney paid a total of €1,200 compensation in March and his case was adjourned to June for a further €2,300.

Hayden Delaney paid €400 compensation and was directed to pay a total of €2,000 to Mr O’Riordan and €500 to the other injured party. And Adam Keogh paid €1,000 compensation and was directed to pay a total of €8,000.

When the case returned to the circuit court recently, defence for Adam Keogh, Ms Louise Troy said that the accused had €1,000 compensation.

Defence for Patrick Delaney, Ms Geraldine Fitzpatrick said her client had €2,080 in court, which was slightly shy of the €2,300 he was to have.

And defence for Hayden Delaney, Mr Rory Hannify, said his client had €500 in court, which was a shortfall from the €1,100 he was meant to have.

Judge Johnson adjourned the case of Patrick Delaney to July 5 for him to pay a further €220, and Hayden Delaney to the same date to pay €600.

He warned Hayden Delaney to either have the €600 by that date or have his bags packed to go to jail.

In the case of Adam Keogh, who Judge Johnson described as the most culpable of the three, the judge imposed a three-year sentence suspended for ten years on certain conditions: the accused must enter into a peace bond for ten years; he must remain under probation supervision for 18 months; he must abstain from drink and drugs and provide urinalysis; he completes residential treatment and engages with training and employment; and he pays a further €8,000 compensation through weekly installments of €50.