'Bad blood' led to families fighting in Portlaoise estate

violent disorder

'Bad blood' led to families fighting in Portlaoise estate

Bad blood between families led to three Portlaoise people becoming involved in an altercation that could have escalated if the gardaí had not intervened.

At last week’s sitting of Portlaoise District Court, Joe Nevin (25), Leona Nevin (24), and David Nevin (62), all of Mountain View Square, Portlaoise, were charged with violent disorder, at Mountain View Square, on September 7, 2018.

Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that there was an altercation between a family and the three accused. Joe and Leona Nevin entered the driveway of the other person and Joe Nevin attacked them, before things escalated.

Sgt Kirby said there was no physical assault, but items were thrown. He said there was a scuffle which could have escalated had the gardaí not intervened.

Sgt Kirby gave further evidence that David Nevin went into the driveway and picked up a broken crutch and attacked the other party, but there were no injuries.

Sgt Kirby said there was bad blood between the two parties, however things had now quieted down.

David and Leona Nevin had no previous convictions, while Joe Nevin had 13.

Defence, Mr Philip Meagher said that the incident happened 18 months ago. He said that both families lived in the same estate and there had been no incidents since.

He said it was a rather sad affair, as the other party had been best man for Joe Nevin.

Mr Meagher said there had been an incident in the field behind the estate involving the other family. He said that Joe Nevin met the other man and began a discussion.

He said that the crutch that was picked up was Joe Nevin’s and that David Nevin had tried to calm the situation down.

Mr Meagher said that when the gardaí arrived “a fire blanket was put on the situation” and the issue was resolved.

Judge Catherine Staines said this was dreadful behaviour, but noted that since then matters had been resolved.

David Nevin was told to pay €200 to the court poor box, while Joe and Leona Nevin paid €100 each.

David and Leona Nevin were given the probation act, section 1.1., while Joe Nevin was given the probation act, section 1.2.