Gardaí warn public about criminals targeting Netflix accounts during Covid-19 lockdown

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

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Garda warning to public

Criminals are trying to defraud Irish people by pretending to update their Netflix accounts, Gardaí have warned.

Gardaí at the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau have become aware of a ‘fraud’ where criminals are trying to obtain the personal banking or credit details of Irish citizens under the guise of a request to update personal Netflix accounts with banking and/or credit card details.
Gardaí say this is a fake email and any financial information disclosed will be used to commit fraud offences, including account take over, where bank accounts are taken over and all funds withdrawn.
Detective Chief Superintendent Lordan of the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, wishes to warn the public to never reveal their personal banking or credit card details in response to unsolicited emails, text messages, SMS messages or phone calls.

He said that where a person is concerned at contact from what appears to be a genuine entity such as Netflix or their Bank, they should look up that entity independently and make contact to check if this contact is genuine.
Detective Chief Superintendent Lordan urged the public to stop and think before releasing any personal data to persons unknown and says if in doubt, don't do it.