Six months in prison for drink driving while disqualified

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Six months in prison for drink driving while disqualified

A Laois school caretaker who drove while under the influence of alcohol and while also disqualified from driving , has appeared before Portlaoise District Court.

Martin Hangonyi, 31, with an address at 49 Ossory Court, Borris-in-Ossory was breathalysed by Garda Cooper on March 3 2020, outside his house.

The Slovakian national had four previous convictions for having no insurance and another one for drink driving, and for driving while disqualified.

Judge Catherine Staines noted the repeat offence.

“So he was driving while disqualified without insurance and he did it again,” she said at the court last Thursday, July 23.

Defence barrister Susanne Dooner said that Mr Hangonyi had five children, and is a caretaker in a school.

“It was an absolutely disgraceful action on the day in question.

“His brother is a mechanic and lives in the same estate. He was dropping off a friend’s car to be repaired. He had been drinking the night before for his son’s birthday,” she said.

The alcohol reading was 11mg/100ml, Garda Sergeant JJ Kirby said, and he said this would normally give a year’s disqualification on a second offence.

Ms Dooner asked for another chance for her client.

“This is someone that has very young children. To go into custody would be a very difficult change. I ask to give him one final opportunity, I appreciate you have done so before,” the defence barrister said.

However, Judge Staines convicted Mr Hangonyi to six months in prison with leave to appeal.

“You were in breach of two court orders. Not only were you driving but drink driving again. I have to protect the public, this is totally outrageous,” the Judge said.