Disqualified driver avoids jail prison

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Express Reporter


Disqualified driver avoids jail prison

A Portarlington man who drove while disqualified for a second time to collect Christmas presents for his children, has narrowly avoided a prison sentence.

Richard Craddock of 49 Kilmalogue Park, Portarlington was in Portlaoise District Court last Thursday, July 23 facing charges of driving with no insurance and no licence.

It was heard in court that he was twice previously disqualified after driving without insurance, first for two years and then for four years, in 2018 and in 2019.

His defence solicitor said Mr Craddock, 44 was the sole earner for his family.

“His partner is learning to drive, he hasn’t been working in this current period.

“He was picking up presents for his children.

“I ask you to give him the opportunity to prove himself to the court and give him community service,” the solicitor said.

Judge Catherine Staines sentenced Mr Craddock to one month’s imprisonment in Midlands Prison.

She then said this would be suspended for one year.

“If you drive again while disqualified you will go to prison,” she warned him.