'Cocaine is the most unglamorous drug' made by gangs who 'murder and rape' - Laois Offaly judge warns young

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Court Reporter


Offaly judge issues warning due to number of young people in court for drugs

Laois and Offaly's district court judge has warned young people about the damage caused by drugs describing cocaine as a most unglamorous drug made by gangs who kill and rape.

Judge Catherine Staines issued her warning about the dangers of drug-taking during last week's sitting of Tullamore District Court.

A number of young people came before her for drug possession offences and she issued warnings to each of them, pleading with them to give up what could be a damaging habit.

“For your own sake stop taking these drugs,” she told one young woman.

To a young man, she pointed out that a bad ecstasy tablet “can cause psychosis and you could end up in a psychiatric hospital. It could damage you for the rest of your life. You are obviously an intelligent young man; please start acting intelligently.”

The Judge asked another woman if she knew about the origins of cocaine. “Cocaine is a very serious drug,” said the Judge. “It's produced in a number of countries in South America. These countries are plagued by drug gangs who murder and rape.

"These drugs gangs sell cocaine to the West where it is consumed by the young and the privileged, to people like yourself. In the West, the young and the privileged think cocaine is a glamorous drug. It is not. It is the most unglamorous thing you could think of.”