Garda warnings to rural drivers about walkers in Laois ignored claims councillor

Pedestrians must get protections given to cyclists

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Walkers at risk of being hit by speeding drivers on rural roads

A Garda warning communicated to phones of thousands of Laois people to slow down on country roads is welcome but has not succeeded, according to a county councillor.

He praised the gardaí for contacting community alert groups around the county after he raised the issue of motorists driving at speed by walkers and other pedestrians on rural roads.

Cllr Fleming claimed the gardaí requested Community Alert groups to ask the public via text alert messages to slow down. However, he has not seen evidence that drivers have heeded the warning.

“I appreciate what the guards did with all the community text alert but I find that there is no improvement,” he told the recent Portarlington Graigucullen Municipal District meeting.

The Fianna Fáil councillor, who is the brother of Minister of State Sean Fleming, is convinced new laws are needed. He wants similar measures to what is in place to protect cyclists. He said under such measures motorists would have to slow down and leave a certain distance when passing a pedestrian.