Student had drug infused jellies in his possession

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Express Reporter


Student had drug infused jellies in his possession

A case against a student who was found to be in possession of drug infused jellies was adjourned when he came before the recent sitting of Portlaoise District Court.

Ellias Dom Mazapi (18), 5 Colliers Wood, Portlaoise was charged with possession of drug(s) and possession for sale or supply at Portlaoise Leisure Centre car park on August 16 last.

Defence solicitor Philip Meagher said these jelly drugs “are going to be a feature, going forward”.

The defendant had the drugs for a small group of friends and his use of the drugs “was a very temporary dalliance,” Mr Meagher said.

He had learned a lesson from his detection, Mr Meagher said of the defendant.

The drugs in question were valued at €350.

The case was adjourned to November 12 next.