'Show respect to the Gardaí', Judge tells man

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Express Reporter


'Show respect to the Gardaí' man told

A man who bccame verbally abusive to a Garda when he attended at his house, appeared at Portlaoise district court on Thursday last.

Vadims Kotlars of 19 Oakleaf Place, Portlaoise was charged with intoxication and threatening, abusive or behaviour in a public place at his address on January 25, 2021.

The court heard that on January 25 this year Gardai were called to a domestic incident at Oakleaf Place.

Mr Kotlars had reportedly been violent towards his wife. Garda Pychynski asked him to step outside and he became aggressive towards the Garda.

He said derogatory terms in Polish to the Garda which translated as ‘f*** off” and “I’m going to f***ing get you.”

Counsel for Mr Kotlars read a letter of apology from him to the court.

Counsel said that Mr Kotlars was 45 and has been in Ireland for a significant period.

He is married with two children and was previously a builder.

He had significant anxiety issues, and had a letter from the Cedar Clinic to that effect.

On the date in question he had a very significant amount of alcohol taken. There was a domestic argument.

Mr Kotlars daughter, translating, said he was upset.

His father was unwell in Latvia and he was really upset about it. He had stopped drinking since.

Applying the Probation Act, Judge Catherine Staines told him to show respect to the Gardai.