Took money off GAA club's debit card after finding it

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Took money off GAA club's debit card after finding it

A man who used a debit card belonging to Trumera GAA Club appeared in Portlaoise district court last week charged with theft.

Christopher O’Brien of 59 Hillview Drive, Portlaoise was charged with stealing property at Flanagans Foodstore, Portlaoise on April 4, 2019; and, all on the same date, stealing property at Applegreen, Portlaoise, two charges of stealing property at Mighty Molls Mountrath, stealing property at Applegreen, Mountrath, stealing property at Continental Foodstore, stealing property at Flanagans Foodstore and stealing property at Spar Express Mountrath.

The court heard that Trumera GAA Club reported a debit card missing.

Money was taken off the card in five different shops.

Defence Solicitor Barry Fitzgerald said that Mr O’Brien had come across the card on the street outside the bank.

Sgt Kirby acknowledged that the card had been dropped.

Barry Fitzgerald said that at the time of the offence Mr O’Brien was living hand to mouth.

He had made complete admissions. The total taken off the card amounted to €138.24.

Mr O'Brien had €70 in court.

In another week he would reimburse the club for the full amount.

He had a new child during the week and had written a letter of apology to the club.

Mr Fitzgerald acknowledged that he had a chequered past.

“This happened two years ago,” remarked Judge Catherine Staines.

“And he has not saved it since?”

Mr Fitzgerald said he was not a man of significant means and he had a significant outlay.

It would be repaid in full.

The case was adjourned to March 11 for the other €70.