Told garda to 'f**k off' in intoxicated state on Laois street

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Express Reporter


Told garda to 'f**k off' in intoxicated state on Laois street

A man who told a Garda to “fuck off” was given the benefit of the Probation Act at Portlaoise court on Thursday.

Paddy Collins, 43, of 2 Castle Avenue, Kilminchy was charged with intoxication and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour and failing to give his name and address at Bridge Street, Portlaoise on January 17 this year.

The court heard that he was highly intoxicated. He told Garda Pychynski to “f**k off” and called him a “f**king foreigner.”

Defending solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick said that he was a man who had suffered certain abuse when he was younger. He had had a serious medical issue for the past two years and had not been drinking for months. He had slipped on the night in question and his behaviour had been outrageous.

He was engaging with Cuan Mhuire and was trying to address his issues.

He had met Garda Pychynski subsequently on the street and had apologised to him.

Ms Fitzpatrick asked Judge Staines not to impose a custodial sentence. He would benefit from the Probation Service and was working with Simon to find housing. His partner was also expecting a baby.

Judge Staines noted his apology and that he was making efforts to deal with his alcoholism.

She applied the Probation Act.