You can only fake it for so long - Gardaí catch Merc driver in Laois

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly



Laois Offaly Gardaí stopped this car

A driver who relied on two fake drivers licence and fake insurance is facing a real day before a judge in Portlaoise after being caught by Laois Gardaí.

The Laois Offaly division issued a statement after catching the driver over the May holiday weekend.

"Laois Roads Policing Unit on patrol last night (Saturday) stopped a vehicle displaying an altered insurance disc. The driver produced a false driving license and a search of the vehicle discovered a second false driving license also being used by the driver," they said.

They added that the driver was arrested and their true identity was verified at Portlaoise Garda Station.

The person was charged and is to appear before Portlaoise District Court.

Gardaí said the vehicle, which appears to be a real Mercedes, was seized.