'We miss you already' - Laois Offaly gardai pay tribute after sudden death of colleague

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Offaly gardai pay tribute after sudden death of colleague

Offaly gardai pay tribute after sudden death of colleague

Garda Siochána Laois Offaly have paid tribute after the death of a member of the civilian staff at Tullamore Garda Station.

Linda Heffernan passed away suddenly last week.

A tribute written by Garda Alan Burke on behalf of all of his colleagues read: "We lost our friend, Linda. Linda Heffernan wasn’t a guard. She was one of our Garda staff. She didn’t wear a uniform. She didn’t investigate crime. She didn’t make arrests. What Linda did couldn’t be counted or measured.

"Linda took care of the day to day and by doing so, she took care of all of us. Linda typed up all of our handwritten statements and all of the handwritten statements we took from the public during our shifts so that we didn’t have to.

"She made sure that our paperwork was in order so that we all got paid on time at the end of each week and month.

"She made sure that we got all of the holiday days that were owed to us and that we didn’t leave ourselves short at the end of the year as so many of us often did.

"She made sure that our expense forms were up to spec so that businesses around the town were paid on time for the day to day services they provide the station.

"She opened and sorted the post every morning.

"She rolled her eyes at us every time we needed to borrow more of her envelopes or asked to use her personal stapler...but she always shared.

"She told us off every time she came into work to find that someone hadn't logged off from her computer (easily fixed with a coffee).

"She gossiped and chatted with us. She laughed with us. And she always asked about our children. Linda died on us this week," the heartbreaking tribute continued.

"She died suddenly on a random weekday morning, without warning. She was only 58 years old. She had served 41 years with An Garda Síochána. She was part of the fabric of Tullamore Garda Station.

"Rest in Peace, Linda.

"We miss you already."