Fine Gael is "only party" with a meaningful tax cut for low and middle-income workers insists Charlie Flanagan

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

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Charlie Flanagan at his party's campaign launch in Mountmellick with Marty Phelan, former FG county councillor. Picture Denis Byre

Fine Gael is the only party that will give people on low and middle incomes back the money they have earned according to Laois/Offaly general election candidate and Minister for Justice & Equality, Charlie Flanagan.

The outgoing TD set out his party's stall.

“People on average incomes are not rich. They should not be paying the higher rate of income tax.

“Currently people on modest incomes are hit with paying the higher rate of income tax once they earn over €36,000. The average full-time wage in Ireland is €47,596. It is simply wrong that the average worker should pay the higher rate of tax.

“Fine Gael will, if elected, ensure that workers will not pay the higher rate of tax until they earn more than €50,000.

“This will give people in Laois/Offaly back more of the money that they’ve earned. This means that they have more disposable income to spend on their families and in their communities.

“Everybody deserves more money in their backpocket. That’s why we will also remove any person who earns less than €20,000 from paying the USC. Workers in Laois/Offaly should not be penalised while earning a modest wage," said the statement.

The Fine Gael candidate insisted his party stands alone among the other political groupings when it comes to tax.

“Fine Gael are the only party that is committing to this policy. Every other political party is promising no real tax cuts or tax increases on work; effectively making this worse for people at work.

“Over the last number of years we have seen record numbers back at work and an increase in wages. In recent years Fine Gael in Government has been in a position to reduce the income tax burden on workers in Ireland, but we want to do more.

“Fine Gael believes in lifting this tax burden to make life easier for families.

“Voters in Laois/Offaly will ask themselves who they can trust with their jobs and their pay packets. It’s clear Fine Gael is the answer,” Minister Flanagan concluded in his press release.