Portarlington doctor set to become the sixth resident of Laois and Offaly in the Dáil

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

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Sen Michael McDowell, Ellie Moore, Dr Cathal Berry Independent, Bernie Bracken, Aileen Hennessy and Conor Mitchell from Portarlington, Laois at the official campaign launch.

Sinn Féin votes are unlikely to save a Fianna Fáil seat in the Dáil in Kildare South where a Portarlington-based doctor looks sete to win a seat.

The independent, Cathal Berry, leads Fianna Fail's Fiona O'Loughlin by 323 votes after the 7th count in Kildare South.

The result was as follows after the distribution of the votes of Labour's Mark Wall:

Berry, Cathal +2423=10693

Heydon, Martin +2025=11,676

O'Loughlin, Fiona+1434=10,370.

Nobody reached the quota and the 336 surplus of elected Patricia Ryan will now be distributed.

Ms O'Louglin would have to secure almost all the votes to win.

Dr Berry is a former Defence Force doctor has a base in Portarlington which was moved into Kildare South with Killenard and Ballybrittas and other parts of Laois and Offaly.

Laois and Offaly lost a seat after the reunification of the two counties. Kildare South gained the fourth seat.