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Meet the candidates: Declan Good, Fianna Fáil, Borris-Mountmellick - Sponsored

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Meet the candidates: Declan Good, Fianna Fail, Borris-Mountmellick

Declan Good






Fíanna Fáil.

Why have you decided to run in the Local Elections?

I was asked by my local Fíanna Fáil Cumann to run in the Local Elections. There has not been a local councillor in the Clonaslee/Castlecuffe area for 15 years. Prior to this, there was traditionally a Councillor for many years past. I have agreed to run as I am retired and can work full-time as a Councillor if elected.

Why should people vote for you?

I have vast experience in dealing with the public. I served as a member of An Garda Síochana for 33 years, during which time I always stayed close to the people in the community. I would now like to serve the people of Borris-in-Ossorry/Mountmellick Municipal Area, especially those residing in the villages and towns of The Slieve Blooms.

What do you think is lacking in your area and what will you be campaigning for?

Housing: Expansion of the Social Housing Programme. We need to build more houses so that locals can remain in their communities and be supported by their extended families.
Increase the Income Threshold for families to avail of Social Housing.

Increase Community Policing.
Supporting Community Alert Schemes and Text Alerts.
Work to bring the Community C.C.T.V to it’s final stage.
Roads and infrastructure:

To improve the rural road networks.
Create traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of traffic vehicles approaching our villages and towns.
Upgrade footpaths and erect public lighting in areas where public safety is a concern.

The G.L.A.S Scheme is ending in 2020 and farmers need to know what the future holds for farming in The Sieve Bloom Mountains.

If elected as a councillor to the Borris-in-Ossory/Mountmellick Municipal District, I will donate my Net Council Salary each year to the voluntary organisations and schools in the villages and parishes of The Slieve Bloom region. I do this, if elected, to keep focused on the job at hand and maintain a close relationship with all the communities.