Electric Picnic

Loyalty Scheme tickets sold out for Electric Picnic 2018

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Festival organisers have announced that the loyalty scheme tickets for Electric Picnic 2018 are now sold out.

Tickets for the festival bought through the loyalty scheme gave festival goers a discount based on the number of times they could prove they had been at the festival before.

The loyalty scheme and use of discount codes was due to end at 5pm Tuesday, 31st October, however in this event there has been a sell-out over a month earlier. 

To be eligible for a discount, you had to prove you had been to the festival before. If you had been to the festival three times or more a ticket cost €165, if you had been once or twice a ticket cost €185. 

If you have never been to the festival before or did not avail of the loyalty discount codes in time, tickets are still available and cost €205.

A discount code or request for a discount code did not guarantee a ticket purchase and tickets were sold on a first come first serve basis. Requests for codes were dealt with on a first come first serve basis and requests without obvious proof took longer to research, process and return codes.

The number of available discounted tickets were limited and receipt of a discount code did not guarantee a purchase of a tickets.

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