Electric Picnic judges to choose one young Laois act for festival stage

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

Electric Picnic judges to choose one young Laois act for festival stage

Clive Davis, Mary Flanagan, Gloria Anamunda and Kery Mullaley, Youth Work Ireland Laois with Eoin and Niamh O'Sullivan at the Hazelwood during Electric Picnic. Picture: Alf Harvey

The final of an Electric Youth competition which gives young Laois people a chance to perform at Electric Picnic will take place in Portlaoise tonight.

In an exciting finale, young musicians and bands from Laois will battle it out for their spot on the Hazelwood Stage. 

Youth Work Ireland Laois is working alongside Electric Picnic again this year, offering the young people of Laois an incredible opportunity to compete for a chance to perform on The Hazel Wood stage at Electric Picnic 2019 through their “Electric Youth” talent competition.

An open call was put out by Youth Work Ireland Laois to its members and clubs throughout the county, inviting them to take part in this very special competition.

Over 25 acts registered to take part in competitive heats. The first of two heats took place on Tuesday night with the second on Wednesday night with the Grand Final taking place on Thursday at Youth Work Ireland Laois in Portlaoise, which will be judged by representatives from Electric Picnic and Youth Work Ireland Laois - where the winners will be announced!

This competition not only offers a unique opportunity to perform at such a prestigious level but also gives young people the experience of a lifetime taking part in the excitement and build-up that goes along with the legendary Electric Picnic. 

The winners of the “Electric Youth” competition will take to the Hazelwood Stage at Electric Picnic 2019 to perform in a range of genres, from spoken word to vocal and instrumental pieces in solo and collaborative performances - showcasing the very best of Laois’s young and emerging talent. 

The grand final of Electric Youth takes place at 7 pm on Thursday, July 25 at the Youth Café, JFL Avenue, Portlaoise.

The young people of Youth Work Ireland Laois are working on a poignant art instillation which addresses climate change as a hot topic, bringing it to the attention of the general public. This will be displayed at Electric Picnic as part of the Electric Youth partnership. 

It consists of a wooden frame making a tent-like structure approx 6 feet x 6 feet.

On one side are nine small frames, which can be spun around to display two different pictures. One side showing the devastating image of the broken earth, ravaged by human’s irresponsible actions.

This stands in stark juxtaposition to the image that is displayed once these frames are flipped; a beautiful healthy planet, one that we can all work toward achieving.

On the other side, there is a striking image of a pair of angel wings. These will be coupled with a hashtag for people to share, in order to spread the message, and inspire people to become the earth’s own guardian angels, before it is too late. This shows the human race’s ability to save and protect the earth.

Clive Davis is the YWI Laois Regional Director.

“We are absolutely delighted to have Electric Picnic support our young people again this year, in such a creative and exciting way.

"There’s a terrific buzz about the place as the entries come in and the artwork is getting underway. Electric Picnic supported us last year, and it was a huge success, so it’s fantastic to have them show such support and encouragement for the young people of Laois again this year," he said.